Our primary motivation to be Houston’s #1 provider of residential roofing services is family. We carry¬†out each task with dedication and attention to detail, allowing us to achieve high-quality results.


New Roof

    Make the right choice, and the result will be a new roof installed with the highest quality standards and protected with a warranty that will last for many years. 

We are committed to training all of our staff to achieve excellent results constantly. Thanks to our drive to continually improve, we are confident in our ability to provide you with the best service available in Houston.

When we think of our homes, we often think of the time, money, and energy that has been invested in the interior, transforming a house into our home.

But do not make the mistake of neglecting the exterior of your home! The exterior should be in optimal conditions to protect your family from the weather and debris that can compromise the safety of your home.

At V-General Contractors, we want you to feel safe and confident that your property is in good hands. Our qualified professionals will ensure that the roof of your home will be in optimal conditions for many years.

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